Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Factory Girls

These two factory girls started their own post industrial revolution by liberating themselves from the monotony of the manufacturing room floor. Gone are the days of canvas uniforms, plastic bras and welders' masks. To them, liberation and revolution mean never being covered in grime or sweat and getting to wear sweet threads all of the time! Once free, Snap and Spark (as they were known in the factory) decided the first order of business was to indulge their sweet tooth. They quickly buffed up their frames and replaced their bland, dirty fabric with an oh-so-sweet DesignTex fabric in the color Cane Sugar. It's not all about sugar and schwag, though. Oh no. These gals bring some serious substance to the table. Manufactured by the well-known GoodForm company, these chairs boast lightweight, sturdy aluminum frames and all new, high-density foam cushions. What you see is the perfect balance between engineering and glam. These two tasty treasures will steal your heart. Buy them today and bring some sweet industrial chic into your home.

To indulge your sweet tooth and purchase these two sweethearts - Please follow the link to our etsy shop.


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