Friday, April 16, 2010

Wonder Twins

It is easy to become accustomed to getting overlooked when growing up in a “fly-over” state. People are in a hurry. They rush past without taking so much as a second glance. Far too often something extraordinary is left behind because it just doesn’t immediately catch someone’s attention. Being overlooked in this way can also create great resolve. These formerly ordinary-looking twins knew what being ignored felt like and were determined to get noticed. While scheming and dreaming of their future extraordinary life, they decided invisibility was NOT going to be one of their super powers. Joining together, they were able to transform themselves into a pair of eye-catching wonders. They chose a truly special Maharam fabric for their super suits because of its outstanding ability to resist stains. And what fortune! came in the perfect color to set off their rich, mink-colored, freshly-painted frames. These wonder twin chairs have turned into quite the head-turners. They are now standouts in any crowd. Second, third, and even fourth glances are common occurrences. These strikingly handsome chairs are anxious to share their standout design with you. Activate their wonder twin powers and bring them home today!

To purchase these Wonder Twins, please follow the link to our Etsy shop.

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