Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls on Wheels!

These two may look like sweet little vintage chairs, but if you look closer you can see they definitely have an adventurous side. Just check out the intense orange woodgrain fabric by Joel Dewberry. If these two were people, they would be roller derby queens with names like Orange Crush and Shasta Fierce. They would stretch a pair of fishnets over those shiny chrome legs and install a banked track in your living room. Beware! Purchasing these roller girls may lead to other daring design choices. Or perhaps you’ve already taken a spin around that rink, and their raucous style will blend effortlessly with your d├ęcor. Either way, you may come home to find that these two jammers have rocketed around your table and knocked out their competition. Edgy little chairs like these, with their bold, in-your-face attitude, are more than capable of revving up your home…and you can be certain that they will score points with your guests. SOLD!

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