Sunday, April 18, 2010

Midnight Gardeners

One evening after working late in the Sideways Shop, we fell into a deep sleep and shared the most amazing dream. We dreamed we were strolling along a moonlit path on a warm summer’s evening when we discovered a secret garden hidden behind a labyrinth of hedges. In our dream, we maneuvered beneath the canopy of lush trees and through the maze until we found the hidden treasure within. There, in the center of the maze and bathed in moonlight, were four midnight gardeners reverently awaiting the opening of each night bloom. These four sisters enchanted us with the beauty of their dark skin against the luminescent foliage. They were truly bewitching; and one glance was all that it took for us to become spellbound. Upon waking, we became possessed by our shared vision and knew we HAD to recreate the garden sprites of our dream. This obsession led us to the four perfect chairs with sweet little flowers carved into their wood frames, which we painted the same bewitching black of our dream. The rich ebony has a slight sheen as if bathed in moonlight...shimmering with the slightest flicker of light. With the seats upholstered in the perfect midnight garden fabric, the seductive sisters of our dream have been brought to life. These four sister chairs carry their midnight enchantment with them wherever they go. Now that you have seen them, do you find it impossible to resist the allure of having your very own midnight garden? They probably already have you in their spell.

If you are under their spell and you MUST HAVE these Midnight Gardeners, please follow the link to our Etsy shop! SOLD!

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