Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Been Too Long

We know...we've been MIA for a while now...and we apologize. Besides being hip deep in projects and making it through the end of 2010, we also moved part of our studio to the West Coast - San Francisco, to be exact. Now, we are back in full swing and are excited about what is in store. Expect to see new pieces soon in our Etsy shop. Until then, here are a few teaser pics of some captains chairs and chandeliers:

 Gray & yellow Momentum upholstery makes these captain chairs shine.

Tomato red and fantastic. How can you pick just one?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Midnight Gardeners

One evening after working late in the Sideways Shop, we fell into a deep sleep and shared the most amazing dream. We dreamed we were strolling along a moonlit path on a warm summer’s evening when we discovered a secret garden hidden behind a labyrinth of hedges. In our dream, we maneuvered beneath the canopy of lush trees and through the maze until we found the hidden treasure within. There, in the center of the maze and bathed in moonlight, were four midnight gardeners reverently awaiting the opening of each night bloom. These four sisters enchanted us with the beauty of their dark skin against the luminescent foliage. They were truly bewitching; and one glance was all that it took for us to become spellbound. Upon waking, we became possessed by our shared vision and knew we HAD to recreate the garden sprites of our dream. This obsession led us to the four perfect chairs with sweet little flowers carved into their wood frames, which we painted the same bewitching black of our dream. The rich ebony has a slight sheen as if bathed in moonlight...shimmering with the slightest flicker of light. With the seats upholstered in the perfect midnight garden fabric, the seductive sisters of our dream have been brought to life. These four sister chairs carry their midnight enchantment with them wherever they go. Now that you have seen them, do you find it impossible to resist the allure of having your very own midnight garden? They probably already have you in their spell.

If you are under their spell and you MUST HAVE these Midnight Gardeners, please follow the link to our Etsy shop! SOLD!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wonder Twins

It is easy to become accustomed to getting overlooked when growing up in a “fly-over” state. People are in a hurry. They rush past without taking so much as a second glance. Far too often something extraordinary is left behind because it just doesn’t immediately catch someone’s attention. Being overlooked in this way can also create great resolve. These formerly ordinary-looking twins knew what being ignored felt like and were determined to get noticed. While scheming and dreaming of their future extraordinary life, they decided invisibility was NOT going to be one of their super powers. Joining together, they were able to transform themselves into a pair of eye-catching wonders. They chose a truly special Maharam fabric for their super suits because of its outstanding ability to resist stains. And what fortune! came in the perfect color to set off their rich, mink-colored, freshly-painted frames. These wonder twin chairs have turned into quite the head-turners. They are now standouts in any crowd. Second, third, and even fourth glances are common occurrences. These strikingly handsome chairs are anxious to share their standout design with you. Activate their wonder twin powers and bring them home today!

To purchase these Wonder Twins, please follow the link to our Etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Factory Girls

These two factory girls started their own post industrial revolution by liberating themselves from the monotony of the manufacturing room floor. Gone are the days of canvas uniforms, plastic bras and welders' masks. To them, liberation and revolution mean never being covered in grime or sweat and getting to wear sweet threads all of the time! Once free, Snap and Spark (as they were known in the factory) decided the first order of business was to indulge their sweet tooth. They quickly buffed up their frames and replaced their bland, dirty fabric with an oh-so-sweet DesignTex fabric in the color Cane Sugar. It's not all about sugar and schwag, though. Oh no. These gals bring some serious substance to the table. Manufactured by the well-known GoodForm company, these chairs boast lightweight, sturdy aluminum frames and all new, high-density foam cushions. What you see is the perfect balance between engineering and glam. These two tasty treasures will steal your heart. Buy them today and bring some sweet industrial chic into your home.

To indulge your sweet tooth and purchase these two sweethearts - Please follow the link to our etsy shop.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls on Wheels!

These two may look like sweet little vintage chairs, but if you look closer you can see they definitely have an adventurous side. Just check out the intense orange woodgrain fabric by Joel Dewberry. If these two were people, they would be roller derby queens with names like Orange Crush and Shasta Fierce. They would stretch a pair of fishnets over those shiny chrome legs and install a banked track in your living room. Beware! Purchasing these roller girls may lead to other daring design choices. Or perhaps you’ve already taken a spin around that rink, and their raucous style will blend effortlessly with your d├ęcor. Either way, you may come home to find that these two jammers have rocketed around your table and knocked out their competition. Edgy little chairs like these, with their bold, in-your-face attitude, are more than capable of revving up your home…and you can be certain that they will score points with your guests. SOLD!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Say Hello to Jahn

Some people just have it. It is difficult to describe, but you definitely know it when you see it. Maybe it is a certain style, or a confidence that defies explanation. Our latest chair, Jahn, is like one of those people. I mean just look at him. He is wickedly cool. He has definitely got it. He probably sat in on many backroom deals as they were closed with handshakes and highballs... then chased with a Bromo fizz the next morning! Jahn is a cosmopolitan chair with an "it factor" that cannot be denied. Gore Vidal is credited with saying, "style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." If you know who you are, and what you want to say, Jahn can help you make that statement. He has it, and he'll bring it to you, while making your place the swingingest thing since Benny Goodman! SOLD!